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Amazing Alex

I have programmed remotes before...many different brands. iRule is simple, but does have a learning curve, with panels, feedbacks, etc. Alex has been amazing! He answered every question, quickly, and in a manner I could understand! I can't say thanks enough to Alex, and the whole team at iRule. This is an amazing product!


Hunter G.

I am very excited about the potential for us and iRule.

I wanted to make sure that the individual (Alex, ticket # 2162) from my initial contact with iRule was complemented on his willingness to guide me through the process of iRule and how it works. He was very patient with me and extremely helpful; all the while he knew I had not purchased anything. It was the conversation I had with him that gave me the confidence to go ahead and order almost $1,000 worth of product that I had never seen nor heard of until 2 weeks ago.

Thank you again,
Hunter Griffin
Sales and Service
Security Solutions & Communications

Jason H.

Easy Integration with iTach for a Beginner

I've never programmed anything beyond a "dumb" universal remote and within a few hours had multiple devices turning on and enabled swipe controls. Very impressed with the ease of use of the software. Please continue to provide more tutorials...I found them very helpful.


iRule support is the BEST!!

WOW!! . . . Have a full blown theater set-up and had MANY problems with my device setup but the support team at iRule were PHENOMENAL... very patient responsive!! Everything is now working and I couldn't be happier with my new iPad app! Thanks iRule!!!

Jan J.

Best support ever

Well, to make it short, I've been supported by the IRULE team lots of times, and recently they guided me through how to capture your device ir codes with ILEARN, pasted the txt correctly in a xls worksheet, and pasted the commands in a XML sheet, for further upload ability. I had a lot of bumps on the road, but they never gave up on me. The BEST support I've ever experienced! Thx Jan


iRule and their Great Support

Wow, just wow... iRule has a support team like no other! Stuck with me for an hour or more helping to figure out Hex codes for RS-232 control... Very knowledgeable, knew exactly what they were doing... Also shared a couple of tips & tricks on writing Hex code more efficiently for large devices... Glad we went with iRule for our iPad Automation Control... Will be back for when I finally get to do my house!

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