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Caution: Control & automation is addictingYou have a great setup: Cool hi-fi system, amazing home theater, HDTV and projector; maybe even lights, drapes, or the thermostat are automated. If they aren't, you're probably thinking about it. The problem is you’ve got a pile of different remotes and you have to use a different remote for every task. It’s almost too complicated for you, let alone the rest of the family! It's no wonder they're always complaining and calling you at work so that they can watch a movie!

You need a remote control the whole family can use. Since you want something that won't be obsolete in a year, and something that doesn't cost a fortune, expensive dedicated touchscreen remote controls won't work. You want simplicity, but you also want something powerful and customizable. You want a remote that's expandable and grows with your entertainment system. Maybe you even want some friendly bragging rights. iRule is all this and more!

Getting iRule

First of all, if the mention of technical jargon like "IP address" or "HDMI" gets your eyes glazing over, or if tinkering with A/V equipment just isn't how you like to spend an afternoon, then we recommend you work with a professional installer to get iRule working in your system. Please refer to our Dealer Locator to find a professional audio/video integrator nearest you.

If investing a little time to tweak things to make them work your way sounds good, then you should try iRule risk-free.



Still not convinced? Have you heard touch-screen remotes have drawbacks? We've heard every reason people think touch-screen remotes are bad. Some of those concerns are legitimate, so we designed innovative solutions to address those issues. Other concerns aren't really even concerns. Refer to our Busting the Myths page for more information.

10 Reasons iRule is the Best Universal Remote Control

First of all, everyone at iRule is a home cinema enthusiast... Some would call us geeks! We love gadgets and we wanted to build the perfect remote control because no one else had. We love iRule and we think it's the best; here are the top-ten reasons you probably will, too:

1. Use what you have

Don't waste your money on a "universal" remote control. Use iRule to turn the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet you already have into a beautiful, functional touch-screen remote that's truly universal!

2. For all the family

You can set up all the mobile devices in your family to be an iRule universal remote control, unique and personalized for each user in the home.

3. Never be without a remote

Your smartphone is always in your pocket so you always have a remote with you.

4. Please the family

iRule is so simple, your wife and kids will be delighted and won't need to bother you just to watch TV.

5. Control almost anything

If your device can be controlled, iRule can control it. Control everything from A/V and home theater equipment, to lights, drapes or blinds, fireplaces, thermostats, and more (it doesn’t matter how the devices are normally controlled - you may have heard of IR, RS-232, and IP). There are no artificial limits placed on what you can control with iRule.

6. iRule is truly wireless

iRule uses your Wi-Fi network to control things (IP devices directly, or via a gateway to control IR and RS-232 devices). With iRule, you can control your gear in a cabinet from the same room (even if the cabinet is closed), from another room or from another city!

7. No add-ons

iRule works on your mobile device without any "dongles" or attachments plugged into your handheld device.

8. All in the cloud

There is no software to load or lose. The iRule Builder runs in a web browser "in the cloud", so there's no software to download, install, or update. Use a computer at home, at the office, or wherever it's most convenient. All your settings are stored online, which means you don't have to worry about losing files, codes, or installation keys.

9. Lasts forever

We are updating iRule all the time, so your Universal Remote Control will always work whatever new equipment you buy.

10. We look after you

We give you 24/7 support so you will never have a problem for long.

With iRule, you can make your system easier and more fun to control, have a remote the whole family can use, and maybe make your buddies a little jealous in the process.

We’ve put our whole hearts and souls into making iRule the perfect universal remote control; not only for ourselves, but also for our wives and children! iRule can control almost anything, and we guarantee satisfaction. We offer nearly 24/7 support, and if you aren't happy with iRule, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give iRule a try? There's absolutely no risk, so why not?




Get iRule

You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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