On Controls by iRule for Pros

Would you like to offer your clients a custom remote that runs on their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, controls everything from a modest single-room entertainment system to a complex whole-home automation and control system, and for significantly lower cost to you compared to other solutions? On Controls by iRule offers all that and more.

On Controls by iRule is exclusively for professionals, and gives you the flexibility to add powerful control to any room – faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than the competition.


Let's take a little closer look at what On Controls has to offer.

On Controls by iRule isn't just about A/V and a couple of lighting solutions. On Controls can control everything from typical consumer audio/video gear, to lights, blinds and shades, professional audio/video equipment, commercial/industrial equipment, and more.

SIMPLE. No programming. iRule uses simple drag-and-drop actions for creating and modifying the remote interface.
FLEXIBLE. Use the equipment you prefer and customize the user interface to your needs and the customers’ desires.
REMOTE. Build control projects “in the cloud” and modify a customer’s remote without truck-roll to a customers’ home or business.
BEAUTIFUL. Use the included library of hundreds of images to customize the interface without spending money on a graphics library.
FAST. Use On Controls' pre-built templates and images to complete projects in hours – not days.
EXPANDABLE. Easily add rooms, equipment, or capabilities to any system.

If this all sounds good to you, then let's get to work together!


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On Controls by iRule: Designed for Integrators

On Controls and the On Controls Builder platform have been designed and developed for professional installers and integrators of residential and commercial control systems. We were thinking about you and your business when we designed iRule, so iRule can help you grow your business and be more profitable.

Professional installers are getting squeezed. There are many remote control solutions on the market and most target end users and cutting out the professional. Most solutions are moving toward a software app on mobile devices, cutting out hardware margins. New components are already WiFi-enabled, simplifying integration and control

On the other hand, things have never been so good for professional integrators. Falling component prices means great A/V systems are more accessible, growing the market. Many new residences are built smart, offering more control opportunities. Almost everyone also has a mobile device, increasing customer appetites for control.


How Does On Controls Help Professional Installers?

Improved Customer Service

With On Controls, professional integrators can offer customers:

  • Superior Service - Eliminate costly truck-roll and customer-inconveniencing 'waiting in' with cloud-based management, 24/7 professional support, and faster response times.
  • Broader Flexibility - Drag-and-drop customization allows for fast and simple creation of unique solutions beyond standard templates.
  • Greater Functionality - Custom controls for a single-room entertainment system to a full automation and control system for any home or business.


Improved Business Operations

With On Controls, professional integrators can be:

  • More Efficient - The ‘cloud’ enables remote modifications without the ‘truck-roll’ – boosting profitability and customer satisfaction
  • More Collaborative - Template design and transfer between employees and customers allows for repetition and efficiency


We hope you think On Controls sounds pretty amazing. Wait until you see and use it. Use the On Controls Dealer Contact Form, and we'll get back to you with information on partnering with iRule to grow your busines and offer your customers a control solution that fits their modern lifestyle.





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