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Please fill out and submit this form to request iRule product integration. Manufacturers, please provide all requested information. All others, please provide as much information as possible.

    Contact Information

  • Requestor Contact Information

  • Please enter your name.
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  • Manufacturer Contact Information

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  • Hardware

  • Hardware - iRule will need working, configured, wired equipment that will be used for testing. We'll need all necessary parts to actually set it up to control and test the equipment. Describe the equipment in some detail, including manufacturer and model number(s). Include information any necessary accessories, including controllers, interfaces, special cables, etc.

  • What is the equipment support you're requesting?
  • What other hardware is necessary to use and test the equipment?

  • Control Method

  • Control - We'll need a way to control the equipment other than with iRule to test functionality. Examples could be OEM infrared remote control, light switches, PC software, hard-button remote control, or a mobile application.

  • How will we be able to control it for testing?

  • Control Protocol

  • Protocol - To build in device support, iRule needs complete documentation on the device control protocol, as well as what kind of interface(s) the device supports, e.g. how we can connect to and control the device.

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  • Type of Connection (select all that apply)

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  • Command Samples

  • Commands - We'll also need a list of functions for the equipment. For example, with a lighting system, one function might be a dimmer, i.e. function = dimmer.

  • Example of feedback
  • Example of feedback

  • Feedback

  • Feedback - We'll need the information below in order to create proper feedback (or status display) for the controlled equipment.

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  • Example of feedback
  • Example of feedback
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