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iRule control for people with disabilities.

I am currently working on a project for a client that has trouble using his hands and fingers to do the normal tasks in everyday life. Imagine trying to control your A/V system in this situation with a (iRule competitor's) remote that has small buttons you have to press down to make function. Well, my client has been controlling his system with a (competitor's) remote and he has problems with the remote constantly. It is very frustrating when all he wants to do is change the channel. With iRule, I can design him a remote that has large buttons that he can easily touch and is easy to read and operate. In my opinion, you can customize iRule for just about any individual. What a great solution and a great way to offer more to clients with disabilities.

Hunter G.

I am very excited about the potential for us and iRule.

I wanted to make sure that the individual (Alex, ticket # 2162) from my initial contact with iRule was complemented on his willingness to guide me through the process of iRule and how it works. He was very patient with me and extremely helpful; all the while he knew I had not purchased anything. It was the conversation I had with him that gave me the confidence to go ahead and order almost $1,000 worth of product that I had never seen nor heard of until 2 weeks ago. Thank you again

Pro Integrator

iRule and their Great Support

Wow, just wow... iRule has a support team like no other! Stuck with me for an hour or more helping to figure out Hex codes for RS-232 control... Very knowledgeable, knew exactly what they were doing... Also shared a couple of tips & tricks on writing Hex code more efficiently for large devices... Glad we went with iRule for our iPad Automation Control... Will be back for when I finally get to do my house!

Blake W.

Mind-Bending Possibilities and Unparalleled Support

When the first iPad was introduced, I didn't think much of it. It simply looked like an overgrown iPhone. Today, it has become the most useful tool in my business.

When iRule was introduced, I assumed it was for basic AV systems and novice users. Today, it has changed the way I do business all together.

iRule has mind-bending possibilities. You're literally only limited by your imagination. Couple your creativity and iRule's unparalleled support and the possibilities are limitless.

Today, I use iRule to control advanced home theaters, home audio and automation systems. I've taken it to commercial restaurants, bars and corporate boardrooms. Tomorrow, I'll use it to create control systems for vintage vehicles and RV's.

I've taken control of my world with iRule, I sincerely and enthusiastically recommend you take control of yours!

Blake Wood
Cantrell's Media Systems

Eddie L.

Fast Installs and Happy Customers

The most amazing thing about an iRule system is the speed of implementation. After doing the most popular mainstream universal remote control systems for the past 12 years, we are delivering complete media center universal remotes in one day. We can walk into a home in the morning, without knowing the customer's equipment details, and at the end of the day we walk out with a completely programmed remote. The customer is trained and happy, and we get paid in full. We've never been able to do this, with any other product, before now.

Eddie Landry
Landry Luxury Electronics

Stanley F.

Customization Like Nothing Else

After testing and experimenting with almost every Remote System solution, I landed on iRule for its robust features and well thought-out Builder. No other software out there has the customization iRule provides. With iRule you can design whatever your mind desires.

Stanley Ferrand
Mistertec, LLC

DIY Enthusiast Testimonials


Don't be afraid to take the plunge...
Their support is first rate!

About a month ago I was going to buy a Logitech harmony on Craigslist to replace my older Philips Pronto TSU7500. I asked the seller why he was selling it and he said because he had gone to iRule. I had never heard of iRule, so I googled it and started doing some research. A week later, I read enough good things about it, and the support team, and made my initial purchase. I purchased iRule Pro, an RS-232 gateway to control my Pioneer AVR, and a Wi-Fi IR gateway for the rest of my system, including an Epson 5020 to be controlled via IR blaster.

Once the hardware arrived, I was like a kid on xmas. I began setting up immediately. I hit a few snags along the way that were my fault... Rushing and not thinking things through for example. The times I truly was stuck though, I contacted the iRule team and they were exceptional - especially Alex and Matt. I was even surprised when I tried over the weekend and Alex and Matt both called me back... That is SERVICE!

I set everything up with an Android tablet originally. It worked great, but there are a few features missing from the Android OS that are currently present on iOS at this time, like "button states" for example (where the button changes its physical appearance when pushed). I used the Android without issue, but sold it just last week since the wife bought me the iPad Air for an early xmas present. If you're considering using an Android tablet, just make sure you're aware that there are some functions that aren't yet supported. Fwiw, the iRule team has told me they are working on releasing an update that will equalize the two platforms.

iRule runs beautifully on the new iPad, and with the retina resolution...it just looks plain sexy.

At this point and i have spent about $300 on the license and hardware and I couldn't be more pleased. The best and most accurate advice I could give someone thinking about iRule, is that it's awesome once it's all setup, and bugs are worked out of your configuration (meaning it's working at 100%). There is a learning curve to it though, so if it's vital to have a remote working 5 minutes after you buy it, consider that. If you have got some basic networking knowledge, and if you ever used a remote in the past where you design the interface (like the Phillips Pronto line for example ), this knowledge will serve you well.

If you're not very tech-savvy, understand that you will definitely be investing some time getting it all setup. But again though dont be afraid to take the plunge as long as you have some patience... since their support is first rate!

Kevin (kevings on AVS Forum)


My Search for a Remote has Ended with iRule.

Over the years, my system had evolved significantly while my control solution had not. With each layer of system complexity came more frustration from the lack of a complete control solution. Having considered some "installer-grade" control solutions in the past, I decided against them due primarily to installation, equipment, and maintenance costs, as well as the lack of user configuration.

iRule has provided me with the flexibility and configuration options I need, and it does so at an outstanding value. I essentially get all the functionality of a $7k-$10k "installer-grade" solution, for $100. Do the math; that's a lot of savings. I use iRule on multiple platforms: An iPad, an iPad Mini, and an Amazon Kindle. The web-based programming utility means ubiquitous use across Mac, PC, and any other platform with a mouse, keyboard, and modern web browser.

iRule fully satiates my hunger for complete system control and I am extremely grateful to the designers of this outstanding solution.

Matt (BrolicBeast on AVS Forum)


Amazing Alex

I have programed remotes before...many different brands. iRule is simple, but does have a learning curve, with panels, feedbacks, etc. Alex has been amazing! He answered every question, quickly, and in a manner I could understand! I can't say thanks enough to Alex, and the whole team at iRule. This is an amazing product!


Steve P.

iRule Rocks!

Took me some time to understand everything that was going on, but once you start to monkey around a bit... You're hooked! Love this... Beats out the four remote controls on the coffee table, plus my Harmony that used to do everything!

iRule takes you into the future and wow, blows my mind away!

Keep up all the hard work, programmers! Amazing!


iRule support is the BEST!!

WOW!!! I have a full blown theater set-up and had MANY problems with my device setup but the support team at iRule were PHENOMENAL... Very patient and responsive!! Everything is now working and I couldn't be happier with my new iPad app! Thanks, iRule!!!

Chad V.

I Love iRule!!

Now I have the touch screen remote I could never afford before iRule. The look and function are only limited by my imagination, and changes can be made in minutes.

Home User Testimonials

Jason H.

Easy Integration with iTach for a Beginner

I've never programmed anything beyond a "dumb" universal remote and within a few hours had multiple devices turning on and enabled swipe controls. Very impressed with the ease of use of the software. Please continue to provide more tutorials... I found them very helpful.

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