The following tutorials cover advanced control topics such as Windows Media Center HTPC control and IR code learning.


Replace Device (Pro)
Replce This tutorial covers the Replace Device function, which allows customers that are swapping or upgrading devices in their system to quickly update their remote.


Device Merge
This tutorial covers the Device Merge feature, which will add commands from one device to another device's command set.


Device Upload
This tutorial covers how to upload a single file that contains the commands for a single device. iRule device command files are formatted as XML that can be edited in any text editor.


Learning IR Codes
This tutorial covers use of the Global Cache iLearn utility to learn IR codes and add them to your iRule Builder account.


Windows Media Center Control
This tutorial covers how to us iRule to control a Windows Media Center HTPC using the MCE Controller application.


Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
This tutorial covers how to enable Wake On LAN (WOL) to a Network Gateway. WOL allows the iRule to wake up a sleeping PC during the Gateway connection process.


Get iRule

You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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