The following tutorials will introduce you to more advanced iRule features and help you to build a more advanced remote control.


Device Feedback (Pro)
This tutorial covers how to import a Feedback into an existing setup. Please note that Feedbacks are availble only in iRule Pro accounts. iOS devices must have version 4.0 or higher for full feedback support.


Repeating IR Commands
This tutorial covers how to modify the number of times an IR (infrared) command is repeated with each button press. Some devices require a command be sent multiple times to be successful.


Toggle Commands
This tutorial explains the use of a toggle command to cycle through several commands with each push of a single button.


Push Release
This tutorial covers Push Release Commands, which offer the ability to send two different commands: One command is sent on button press, and another is sent on button release.


Repeating Background Commands
This tutorial covers how to use an Entrance command repeated at a user-defined interval to keep devices from disconnecting and to refresh feedback.


Copy Panel
This tutorial covers how to copy a Panel in the iRule Builder to quickly create a duplicate interface for a similar activity.


Panel Sharing (Pro)
This tutorial covers sharing panels and importing shared Panels. Note that all versions of iRule can share and browse available panels, but only Pro users can import shared Panels into an existing setup.


Hidden Panel
This tutorial covers how to convert an existing Panel into a hidden Panel, which can simplify a user interface by showing only certain Panels.


Embedded Web Page
This tutorial covers how to add an embedded web page in the iRule Builder interface.


Launch iOS Apps - NEW!
This tutorial covers launching of other iOS applications from iRule. To see a list of supported application click here. Some examples of supported applications are Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Safari and the Apple Remote. The iRule app also supports being called by other iOS applications with the address of irule://


Navigation Objects - NEW!
The Navigation Bar can now be removed from a Handset. This tutorial covers use of Navigation Objects to integrate user control over returning to the Settings area in the app, as well as the Back button to navigate to the previous Panel/Page.


Get iRule

You'll need a Builder account to try or to use iRule. Once you have a Builder account, download the app to your iOS or Android device.

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